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Drone Hackers Are Out There!

Remember those fun remote controlled copters you can get in any ordinary hobby store? Well they’ve fallen into the hands of hackers. There are drones out there that have been equipped with a technology called “Snoopy” which looks for mobile devices that are connected to wifi. Snoopy can access all your login information, your identification, […]

Amazon Has Big Plans For The Future

This clip from “60 Minutes” shows how CEO Jeff Bezos has big plans for Amazon in the future. Not many know exactly what Amazon does behind Amazon.com. I’m pretty sure that many of you out there thought Amazon only did online shopping. Not only do they do shopping but they create mobile devices, built one […]

Keep Your Company Sharp

Two Lumberjacks set out into the woods to cut down x amount of trees. They were both given the same saw to use.Throughout the day lumberjack #1 would take a break after every hour. Lumberjack #2 wouldn’t take any breaks and continued on cutting as many trees as he could before the sun went down. […]